Finances for Development: A New Platform for Stable and Balanced Relationships

Московский финансовый форум

The Moscow Financial Forum is a unique platform for professional discussion of Russia's financial and economic policy. The mission of the Forum is to search for solutions that will make the Russian economy more competitive.

The Forum is organized by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow.

The Moscow Financial Forum was first held in the capital on September 23, 2016; since then, it has become a tradition for financial experts to hold annual meetings in September in order to discuss topical issues and search for effective ways to tackle financial issues facing the Russian economy.

Last year, the Forum reflected strong interest of the professional community in matters pertaining to the development of the country's financial and economic system. Prominent guest speakers and participants of the Forum took part in an intense discussion on a high level, often expressing polarized views.

In 2018, the Moscow Financial Forum will switch to a two-day format for the first time: it will be held on September 6 and 7.

On the first day of the Forum, discussion will center on measures that will shape the development of the Russian economy during the next 6 years. It will focus on the mechanisms for the achievement of the targets set in the Executive Order on National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation until 2024 signed by the President in May this year.

Suggestions put forward by the participants will be examined in greater detail as part of the business program of the second day of the Forum. Topics of discussions will include transformation of tax administration, measures to foster the well-being of the country's population, the system of interbudgetary relations, modern approaches to welfare spending, etc.

This year, the Forum will be attended by representatives of the federal and regional governments, the business, the professional and academic community, non-governmental organizations and associations, as well as world-class economic and financial experts. Decisions made at the Forum will shape the key areas of the financial and economic policy of the Russian Federation in the medium term.