September 28, 2023



Anton Siluanov

The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the Moscow Financial Forum, Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

Anton Siluanov
Dear Colleagues!

For seven years already, representatives of the government, business and society have been meeting at the Moscow Financial Forum to discuss the most important and relevant aspects of the country's economic and financial life. During these discussions, the key trends in the development of the Russian economy are determined.

Last year we were testing the strength of public financial seсtor. We managed to withstand the blow of an unprecedented number of sanctions, to preserve the potential for economic development and the achievement of national goals.

Our task is to continue transforming Russian economy by strengthening our own financial and technological sovereignty and building up progress in creating competencies in critical industries.

The search for a new balance is the key theme of the MFF 2023. Together we will have to answer the question of what the Russian financial and economic system should be in the period of global transformation.

We look forward to seeing you at the Moscow Financial Forum! See you there!

Sergei Sobyanin

Mayor of Moscow

Sergei Sobyanin
Dear friends!

I welcome you to the 7th Moscow Financial Forum.

It is a respected event for discussion of the government's financial and budgetary policy, current questions about the domestic financial sector.

Despite the challenges, Moscow continues to develop dynamically. Together with business, we are modernizing transport and social infrastructure, launching new high-tech production facilities, and creating first-class services and facilities for citizens. Over the past five years, the volume of investment in Moscow has doubled, and this is an important indicator of its attractiveness as a business and financial center of the country.

I am convinced that the 7th Moscow Financial Forum will contribute to the search for worthy answers to the challenges facing the Russian financial and economic system. As in previous years, we will carefully study received proposals and implement the most promising ones.

Dear friends, I wish you a productive work and success in your creative work.

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