To create a code of public procurement, to bring all legal norms into a single system, to optimize the number of by-laws, to ensure transparency of public procurement procedures - such a program of actions was formulated by the participants of the Moscow Financial Forum at the session "Digital Public Procurement".

"We have a fairly global task before us: starting from January 1, we will switch to the full application of electronic procurement procedures based on new principles," said Alexey Lavrov, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation. "At the beginning of next year, the creation of a catalog of goods and services will begin, and until we solve this task, the entire contract system will not "take off".

Specialists and experts of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation have been working for about a year to create this catalogue, which now contains 36 thousand items, 6 thousand of which – on medicines. "Ideally, I would like to expand - and at the same time simplify - the procurement procedure for the model of the online store, where the buyer can choose a product or service from the already presented in the catalogue," Lavrov explained.

"Of course, the catalog does not cover everything, but thanks to it we get a systematized description of the procurement process for the first time," the deputy finance minister shared. He promised the participants of the session:

“Moving within the framework of the roadmap, by the end of next year we will complete the formation of the catalogue. This will be a system capable to develop on its own, we just need to see that the principles laid down in its foundation are observed."

In the long-term perspective, the regulator will have to work through the bottlenecks of the modern system of public procurement: simplify the format of the application, free those who have already proved efficiency from the need to secure an application, prescribe the right of the customer to conclude a contract with the second winner of trades, streamline the process of determining the single supplier, to get a clear understanding of what the price of the contract is.