On the first day of the Forum, September 12, two sessions devoted to consumer protection will take place.

In course of a session entitled “Social certificate as a tool to increase the availability and quality of budget services” participants will be discussing the matters of forming the principles of regulation, try to find ways to improve relationships between the state and the private sector, ensuring a balanced consideration of the interests of all parties involved while rendering services in the social area.

National projects “Education”, “Demography”, “Digital Economy”, include events entailing the involvement of the non-governmental sector into the provision of public services using a certificate - a tool that ensures the organization of public services based on the principle “money follows the consumer”.

What results of the public service certificates use have already been achieved and how to build a regulatory system for them? These and other topics will be discussed by the participants at the Moscow Financial Forum.

At a session entitled “OSAGO (third party liability insurance) reform: to be continued” the representatives of the government, businesses and the public will be trying to find ways of reducing the number of conflicts between motor drivers and insurers, improving the quality of their services, creating fair competition. Practice shows achieving these goals to be impossible without changes in the Compulsory Motor TPL Insurance tariff system. The experts will review the current situation and key matters of reforming the motor insurance system. Will the bill from Russian Federation Government, aimed to liberalize the Compulsory Motor TPL Insurance tariff system be able to change the situation? What are the expectations and risks associated with its passing? What impact is the implementation of the service "Europrotocol Online" expected to have? Answers and suggestions will be voiced during the business session on September 12.

On the second day of the Forum, September 13, a discussion entitled “Financial education of the consumer in the digital age: risks and possibillities” will take place.

Digital technologies play a significant part in expanding access to financial services and improving the well-being of the population. At the same time, the complexity of financial products, the transition to remote formats, as well as unfair practices of selling the financial products increase the risks for the consumers, especially for socially vulnerable groups. Under such conditions, the significance of the financial awareness of people, and the availability of working mechanisms of financial services consumer protection increases.

What are the challenges facing the state and businesses in the light of digital financial services and how does the Financial Literacy Strategy respond to them? What financial education, consumer protection, and regulatory measures are needed to reduce the exposure of the people with low income to loans? The experts will be discussing these matters in course of the Forum.

The fourth annual Moscow Financial Forum will take place on September 12 and 13 at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall.  The participation application can be submitted until 6 PM August 29, inclusive, on the Forum website in the “For Participants” section.

The primary sponsor of the Moscow Financial Forum is VTB Group. Major sponsors are Alrosa PJSC, Sberbank PJSC and Gazprombank JSC. Forum is supported by Rostech State Corporation.