On the first working day of the Moscow Financial Forum, a session was held on the topic "New challenges in the social sphere facilitating achievement of Russia's education and culture national objectives till 2024".

Human capital is one of the key factors in ensuring economic growth of the country, noted the speakers and the guests of the Forum. Anton Kotyakov, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, spoke at the session. He described how the plans for the development of the human potential in Russia have advanced for the last year.

"The presidential decree until 2024 predetermined the main directions: 5 out of 12 national projects from the decree are directly aimed at the development of human capital," Kotyakov stressed. [Executive Order On National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2024 signed by the President in May 2018.]

The Deputy Minister of Finance noted that since 2008, expenditures on the cultural sphere have doubled to 112 billion rubles, and in 2019-2024 more than 760 billion rubles will be spent on the national project in the sphere of education.

In turn, Svetlana Yachevskaya, Deputy Chair of Vnesheconombank, Member of the Board of Vnesheconombank, added that Vnesheconombank sees itself as an active participant in the processes for the implementation of national projects.

Speaking about problematic topics in the social sphere, they are mainly located in large cities, and not in remote settlements.