Multi robot system Datatron – personal finance assistant – will be demonstrated at the second Moscow Financial Forum on September, 8 2017. Datatron knows a lot about the budget of Russia, the history and activity of Russian Finance Ministry, he will easily give definitions to many financial and economic terms.

Datatron is an interactive screen with a visualized robot, which answers to voice and text requests. Any participant of the Forum is able to contact the robot with questions on finance and immediately receive answer from unified portal of Russian budgetary system and Russian Finance Ministry knowledge database. Datatron will not only give answers, but will display additional information: documents, relevant links and infographics.

Datatron will tell about revenues and expenses, deficiency and surplus of budgets of different levels, capital export national debt and domestic public debt, about federal loan bonds. Robot also knows who was the first economist in Russia, the youngest Finance Minister and will answer thousands of questions on financial theme.

Students of Higher School of Economics (National Research University), Moscow State University, Financial University made personal assistant especially for the Forum, using neuron network and machine learning tools.