Important amendments were made in July 2019 to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation in terms of improving state and municipal financial control.

On September 13, speakers discussed unified standards for all levels of the country’s budget system during the Development of System of Financial Control and Audit in Government Control Sector: Today and Tomorrow session. Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of Chief Control Department of Moscow Evgeniy Danchikov acted as session moderator.

“What is fiscal control? It is one of the elements of the government control. Speaking of the government control system in general, we cannot but be concerned about the current efficiency of application of the budget resources”, Auditor of Accounts Chamber of the RF Tatyana Blinova said. 

“We need to consolidate all levels of financial controllers, including those instruments of institutions that could, for one part, help us define the government procurement pricing system quicker and in a more efficient way and, for the other part, create and develop a system of management that would allow us to take clear-cut managerial solutions to improve performance”, Tatyana Blinova added.

Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Lavrov expressed the following opinion: “Before considering the expansion of fiscal control, we should consider its reduction that we have already faced”. He explained that the authorization of transactions by the Treasury is excluded from the area of fiscal control. So long as it is just a procedure built into the budget utilization process, in his opinion, legal regulation has been significantly simplified, as well as the general idea of this structure. According to Alexey Lavrov, it is not only fiscal legislation but other legislations as well that fall under the government control. That is why Ministry of Finance is planning to expand the area of influence, for instance, in the procurement sector.