Electronization of public procurement facilitates access to the bidding, cuts financial costs, contributes to expansion in the number of participants, and thus to improvement of competition. On the first day of the Moscow Financial Forum, September 12, at the session "Optimization of public procurement mechanisms" the experts will tell in what direction it is necessary to continue reformation of the system of procurement and how to increase its effectiveness.

The government plans to invest more than 13 trillion rubles of budgetary funds for the implementation of national projects by 2024, it is also supposed to attract private investments for amount from 26 to 39 trillion rubles for these purposes. At the same time, investing in achieving national goals, business community will be able to enjoy ambitious state support measures. How exactly this support will be provided and on which terms – the participants of the open session of the Club of financial directors "Provision of state support measures: mechanisms for implementation and effectiveness of attracting private investments in investment projects" that will take place on the first day of the Forum will propose their solutions. 

In July 2019, important changes were adopted to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation as to state and internal financial control. Work of the public administration sector as to financial control and audit after adoption of changes to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation will be analyzed on the second day of the forum. On September 13 at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall the panel discussion "Financial Control and Audit System Development in the Public Administration Sector: Today and Tomorrow" will take place. 

Answers to relevant questions of further development of financial management mechanisms, necessity of its external monitoring, internal audit etc. will be heard on the session.