The Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union formalized the necessity of electronic communication between customs authorities and participants of international economic activity. The role of Russia in this system, work practices of electronic declaration centers and accumulated experience of external interaction by electronic means - experts are going to share their vision on the above during the session "Enhancement of customs administration. Priority of electronic technologies", which will take place on September 12 within Moscow Financial Forum. 

The government of the Russian Federation took measures aimed to stimulate hydrocarbon production and modernize oil refinery operations. Auxiliary income tax has been introduced on hydrocarbon production as well as a reverse excise duty for oil stock upon sales of high quality oil products on the domestic market. On September 13 participants of the session "The impact of tax policy within oil industry on social and economic development of oil industry" will discuss the current progress within implementation of the available tax benefits and will attempt to clarify how the previous decisions will influence the budget in the long-term perspective. 

Countermeasures against "gray market" of alcoholic products, simplification of regulation and development of national production - these are the objectives of legislation within alcoholic regulation. It is important to strike the balance between stimulating the development of the alcohol industry, the interests of consumers and preserving the role of the state as its regulator. Efficiency of the measures suggested by the Government, possibilities for import substitution and stimulation of domestic wine making shall be discussed during the business session "Development outlook for alcoholic industry. How to find a balance between the interests of state, business and consumers?"

Is there an alternative for treasury? Can its functions be "outsourced"? Which challenges are to be faced? Can these questions be answered by balance sheet? The above questions will be answered within the open dialog "Federal Treasury - new rules and new opportunities" with the head of the Federal Treasury Mr. Roman Artyukhin.