Faced with serious external shocks, Russia is changing its approach to doing business. This is especially necessary in the field of international trade and related settlements between residents and non-residents. Business session “Currency Control: Making a Pivot to the Exporter”, which will be held on September 12 at the Moscow Financial Forum, will be devoted to the currency policy of the state.

What currency policy is currently optimal? How to ensure that exporters and importers make extensive use of national currency settlements? How to ensure the phasing out of the use of the US dollar in international settlements? How to ensure the freedom of activity of exporters to increase the volume of non-resource exports to the level of 250 billion US dollars by 2024? These and other issues will be discussed by representatives of the government departments, banking sector and international trade.

Another pressing topic today is ensuring the sustainability of fiscal policy in the EAEU. On September 12 at the session “Efficiency of Budgetary Rules in the EAEU Member States. Opportunities for Developing Supranational System of Budgetary Rules”, international experts will study the basic tools aimed at solving this problem. 

The development of integration and increased interconnectedness of economies in the Eurasian space makes relevant the exchange of experience in the use of budgetary rules by EAEU member states. Moreover, the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union establishes uniform limit values for public debt and budget deficits for member states, which can be considered as supranational budgetary rules. 

How effective are the modern systems of budgetary rules of the EAEU Member States? Have they helped countries cope with the challenges of recent years? In what direction is it necessary to develop cooperation among the EAEU Member States in pursuing a coordinated macroeconomic policy, taking into account the existing differences between the economies? Answers will be given at the Moscow Financial Forum.

International experience shows that each state has its own tools to increase the efficiency of budgetary expenditures. At one of the venues of the Moscow Financial Forum, a discussion was announced “Efficiency of Budgetary Expenditures Management: International and Russian Experience”. Russian and foreign financiers will compare the best world practices that can be translated into unique national experience.

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