Today, there are only two main ways in providing social support to technical rehabilitation. One of them implies a long process of obtaining public funds for the goods required to ensure normal activity of the disabled. Another mechanism consists in providing compensation. We are currently working on the third way of providing this kind of support to citizen – implementation of electronic certificates that will help solve a number of challenges. For instance, a time-consuming funds transfer to an account of a goods supplier. Introduction of electronic certificates will allow to reduce the time of payment for a product from 60 days to one day. The company will get money on the next day after the required medicine or product is approved.

“The country has huge social liabilities measured by billions of rubles. These funds are not always enough to provide complete social support, and our session is focused on possible ways of implementing new technologies in the life of citizen”, First Deputy of Secretary of the United Russia General Council, member of the State Duma’s Committee for Labour, Social Policy and Veteran Affairs Olga Batalina pointed out. 

Chairman of Social Insurance Fund of the RF Andrey Kigim reported as follows: “Even at the stage of selecting a product at a shop, one may choose technical assistance within the range of suitable manufacturers. It is more difficult to make a calculation of the selected goods a disabled person needs. However, with an electronic certificate in place, a citizen just needs to select the required product, so the process of obtaining this very product is reduced”.

According to experts, modern information technologies have already made it possible to increase the level of awareness of the social support rights, and this is only the beginning of digital transformation.