Delegates of Moscow Financial Forum – 2017 that will be held on September, 8 in Manege Central Exhibition Hall will discuss global economic challenges and problems of long-term sustainability of financial system.

According to Deloitte SNG company, Partner of the Forum’s business program, two thirds of Russian enterprises of manufacturing sector consider that strengthening of the ruble will positively affect their work. 18% do not expect any effect of the currency fluctuations, the same amount warn about the negative effect of the strengthening of the ruble.

The problem of volatility of domestic currency remains significant for entrepreneurs. Weakening of the ruble in 2016 led to growth of product cost, said 40% of respondents of Deloitte SNG company. Foreign companies felt the weakening of the ruble the most (70%) as well as metal products manufacturers (46%). 24% of the respondents said that weakening of the ruble didn’t affect their business (most of that companies are in automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft engineering sector – 43%). Chemical industry companies (31%) said that they felt the positive effect of the weakening of the ruble – they reported about growth of it’s competitiveness abroad.

As experts of Deloitte SNG say, points of concern of Russian business have significantly changed in a year: companies started to pay more attention to improvement of state regulation, problem of corruption and insufficient paying capacity of the population.

"Concern of companies of manufacturing sector shifts towards efficiency of activity of regulator and paying capacity of the population that once again proves the trend of restoration of market processes," as emphasized in the research.

Among major factors of company’s development – weakening of administrative barriers, state support and "transparency and stability of standard and regulatory, tax and economic policy". However, when it comes to increasing of company’s efficiency, business representatives generally talk about other factors of growth: decline of production costs, increase of demand and productive technological capacity, extension of the product range.