The Government of the Russian Federation has been set an ambitious task to ensure the growth rate of the country's economy above the world average. In such circumstances, the creation of comfortable conditions for doing business in Russia is of particular importance. A number of questions devoted to this topic will be covered at Mosfinforum. 

On the first day of the Moscow Financial Forum, September 12, a business session "Entrepreneurial Activity: problems and sources of growth” will be held at which experts will discuss the implementation of a project dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the survey of the National Agency for Financial Studies, 29% of Russians would like to start their own business. What stops them: risks, lack of knowledge or market particularities? Can this national project to support SMEs respond to all public demands? Or is the cautiousness of potential entrepreneurs caused by reasons lying beyond the national project? These and other relevant issues are on the agenda of Mosfinforum.

On September 13 a session “Innovations in the field of contactless tax administration" will host. Experience in the implementation of "Self-Employed" Project. Forum participants will discuss the first results of the project to introduce a special tax regime for the "self-employed" persons, which main task is to create a convenient way to legally conduct business and pay taxes. The session will determine main features of the project, its advantages, as well as prospects for its further development. 

The session “Labor productivity as a way of thinking” will be devoted to the formation of new business thinking both among managers and at the level of specialists. In accordance with national goals, the Russian Federation should make a huge leap forward and reach a growth rate of labor productivity in the basic non-resource sectors of economy. When developing the corresponding national project, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation paid special attention to new approaches to improving education, corporate culture, staff motivation. In the focus of attention of the specialists of Mosfinforum there are complex and important issues: how to transform the enterprise management system, how to stimulate the development of proactive thinking, how to develop human capital. Answers, decisions, suggestions will be heard on the first day of the Forum.