The program of the first day of the Moscow Financial Forum on September 6 will include 13 business sessions.

The participants of the Forum will discuss measures that will shape the development of the Russian economy during the next 6 years. More specifically, as part of discussion groups, government and business representatives, Russian and international experts will focus on the mechanisms for the achievement of the targets set in the Executive Order on National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation until 2024 signed by the President in May this year. Among other things, they will discuss ways to improve labor productivity, new challenges in the social sphere, and development of small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition, during the session titled "Tax Reform: to Complete or to Stop? Resume of Tax System Tuning" the speakers will look for a compromise between a balanced budgetary system and economic stimulus, which is the key goal of the adjustment of the tax system that is currently underway.

Government and business representatives will also examine topical issues related to the digitization of the Russian economy, including digital public procurement, regulation of digital financial assets, and transformation of tax and customs administration in a digital economy.

During the first day of the Forum, the participants will also outline the path of development of the system of interbudgetary relations and accounting in public administration.

A panel discussion titled "Prospects for the Russian Capital Market" will be held with support from Bloomberg. Its participants, including international experts, will analyze the current drivers of development of the Russian capital market.

Participants of the session titled "Infrastructure Development Investments: Private Financing Potential" will examine the most in-demand types of infrastructure and ways of raising private capital for infrastructure projects.

The business program of the first day of the Forum will conclude with a plenary session titled "From Macroeconomic Stabilization to National Projects. What Finance and Economic Policy Will Ensure a Breakthrough?".

Information on plenary sessions, conferences and panel discussions to be held during the two days of the Forum on September 6 and 7 will soon be posted on the website.