Opening the session “OSAGO reform: to be continued” that was held on the first day of the Moscow financial forum, the Deputy Financial Minister of the Russian Federation Alexey Moiseev spoke about the importance of reduction of disputes number between underwriters and ultimate consumers.

The Deputy Minister noticed that for this purpose already exist various bonus and premium programs. “Good road behavior can also lead to reduced cost of OSAGO,”— said Alexey Moiseev.

During the three months of work, the service of the financial officer, which carries out the pre-trial settlement of disputes, received 24,158 appeals, more than 24 thousand people registered in the personal account on the website, said the chief financial officer for rights of consumers of financial services Yury Voronin. According to him, the average size of the claim in these appeals is 207 609 rubles.

The Deputy Head of the Department for control of financial markets  of the FAS Russia Marian Pishchulina informed that the number of violations in the insurance services markets decreased by 17%. “Many of the violations are related to unfair competition,” — she added.

Insurance companies understand the high potential of working with consumers of their services, declared at the session the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Vladimir Chistyukhin: “Now all companies in the OSAGO market are aware of what a consumer request is. When we see bad situations, this is usually a regional practice. Currently, the insurance community is making a lot of efforts to improve customer service. ”