Within the framework of the third Moscow Financial Forum on September 7, the session "Young professionals' role in government institutions renovation" was held.

Speakers and guests of the Forum noted that a new generation should become one of the key factors of growth in the modern fast-growing world. Hence a number of questions arise: whether the state service meets modern requirements, whether young specialists are interested in the career of an official.

The participants of the session were invited to present themselves at the place of the Minister of Labour and tell about the changes they would have made to attract young professionals to the civil service.

Vasily Fiveisky, Rector of Moscow Metropolitan Governance University (MMGU), focused on the attractiveness of the public sector and noted: "In order for young specialists to come to the civil service and they were interested in it, it is important to work on the image of the employer, properly advertise themselves and position."

The participants also touched on the issue of educational technologies. According to Vasily Fiveisky the main problem is that young specialists are not fully prepared for the tasks assigned to them by employers when they graduate from educational institutions. As a solution to this problem, Vasily Fiveisky proposed to work together with universities and create long-term internships for students to develop additional knowledge and competencies and provide work experience.