Within the framework of the session "Project approach in public administration: experience, problems and prospects" State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Yury Zubarev spoke about the difficulties of working on optimizing state programs. He explained them on the example of reformatting the state program of the Ministry of Finance.

"There is a certain wrench in terms of that the state programs are approved, updated at the end of the budget process. When we tried to optimize our state program, we saw that we can do this only after waiting for the April change - the only one in a year. Then we felt the need for that, before the end of the budget cycle, the agency responsible for the state program is required to carry out some kind of prioritization during the formation of the budget application. For this, it is necessary to revise the possibility of adjusting state programs not based on the budget process, but in its run-up," he said.

According to Zubarev, the best option would be the emergence of the opportunity to make adjustments to the state program twice a year.