Economic development is accompanied by changes in public demand for services meeting social needs. Aspects undergoing changes include the structure of the needs and demand trends, as well as their qualitative characteristics.

When the government does not respond to these changes promptly, the private sector steps up to meet social demand. Active involvement of the government in the efforts to meet this social demand poses the risk of excessive regulation and formalization of relationships.

At the same time, social development largely depends on how satisfied the population is with the services provided by the government.

As part of a business session titled "Accessible and High-Grade Social Services: Role of Government and Private Sector" on September 7, the participants of the third Moscow Financial Forum will discuss what needs to be changed in order to provide a level playing field for public-private cooperation in the provision of social services.

The discussion will also focus on the prerequisites for the development of social entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships in the social sphere.