Completion of the tax maneuver in the oil and gas industry and adaptation of companies to a new environment are one of the key topics of the third Moscow Financial Forum.

The completion of the tax maneuver involves a steady reduction of the export duty on crude oil and petroleum products, an equivalent increase in the mineral extraction tax rate and the introduction of a negative excise tax on crude oil in order to maintain a balance between the interests of the government, the oil industry and domestic consumers.

The main goal of these reforms is to provide stable mechanisms for improving the performance of the oil and gas industry.

The participants of the session titled "Completion of Tax Maneuver: Oil and Gas Industry Adaptation to New Conditions", which is scheduled for September 7, will discuss the timing of the completion of the tax maneuver and transition to rent taxation, as well as measures for price stabilization on the domestic market. In addition, representatives of the government, the business and the expert community will examine the potential impact of the completion of the tax maneuver on the modernization of Russian refineries and supply of high-quality fuel to the domestic market.