Today, in the digital era, various sectors of the economy are undergoing a significant change, while major companies around the world seek to keep abreast of digital progress and optimize their business models.

Digitization of business processes and financial transactions is in itself a challenge for financial institutions in general and tax and customs authorities in particular.

New opportunities offered by the digital economy will be thoroughly examined during the third Moscow Financial Forum. For instance, during the session titled "Transformation of Tax and Customs Administration in Digital Economy: New Challenges and Opportunities", speakers and guests will discuss the incorporation of new technologies in legislation without detriment to the participants of legal relationships in the fiscal sphere and integration of customs and fiscal technologies in the digital environment in which taxpayers and foreign trade players do business.

The participants of the business session will also examine whether there are any limitations on the potential for the use of contactless technology in the sphere of tax and customs control and whether full import substitution is possible in the sphere of information technology in the Russian public sector.