The session on “Centralizing accounting within public administration” held as part of the business program of the Moscow Financial Forum had Roman Artyukhin, Head of the Federal Treasury, state that centralized accounting will reduce regulatory burden on the market in terms of control.

Artyukhin clarified that the Treasury will be in charge of control.

Svetlana Sivets, Deputy Head of the Department of Budget Methodology and Public Sector Financial Reporting of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, addressed e-budgeting and noted that it is not just a system but rather an environment that deals with many processes around. Elena Chernyakova, Director of the Department of Information Technology in the Sphere of Public and Municipal Finance Management and Informational Support of Budget Process of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation shares her opinion.

“E-budgeting is a type of paradigm, an environment, life style and mentality that prioritizes such parameters as document flow, single input of information to be used further,” said Elena Chernyakova.

The speakers noted that the authorities need single, unified reference guides and classifiers for presenting information in plain, clear-cut language.