September 6 saw the Moscow Financial Forum hold a session on “How to get a new impulse for development of small and medium businesses.”

The panelists discussed what vector should be given to the SMEs and what kind of support entrepreneurs need in this respect.

According to Milena Arslanova, Director of Investment Policy Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the authority are developing a national project to support SMEs that reflects the goal-achieving mechanisms identified in the Executive Order signed by the President in May.

“We are going to somewhat enhance the soft-term financing programme. We also keep developing the tools created by the Ministry of Economic Development in previous years: the industrial parks, and the My Business centre. We are planning to create a digital ecosystem: entrepreneurs will login under their user name and password, and see all marketing platforms available to them. They will be able to stay anywhere and find any information about the options of those platforms in any region,” said Milena Arslanova.

To recap, the Executive Order signed in May by the President of the Russian Federation is intended to increase the number of people involved in SMEs, including private entrepreneurs, up to 25 mln.