In the second working day of Moscow Financial Forum 2018, the business session "Russian Federation spatial development strategy implementation mechanisms in light of national objectives and strategic tasks" was held.

The main topics raised during the session related to the problem of improving the population’s quality of life, regardless of a person’s place of residence, which is one of the priorities of the Strategy of Spatial Development of the Russian Federation. Speakers also touched upon such topics as implementation of the main infrastructure, business and investment policy.

President of the Center for Strategic Research Pavel Kadochnikov said: "If we look at the history of our regions’ development, we will see that we have really very much reduced social differences in all key social indicators."

According to Kadochnikov, there was no such reduction in the economy, the regions still have different economic potential and different economic needs. It means that the overall picture of the country is uneven, and it is clear which region has economic prospects. Due to this, one can understand the location of the "growth points".